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Calf Sleeves

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Form Designed for Function

The calf contains not only the large gastrocnemius and soleus muscles, but also the main muscles that control the motion of your foot and are responsible for much of the propulsion while walking, running, and jumping. These muscles originate along the tibia and fibula and connect as tendons at various locations in the foot and toes. The high level compression provided by BioSkin Calf Sleeves, supports these important muscles, improving efficiency, proprioception, and circulation.

Details Matter

With products worn right against the body, it's critical to get the details just right. BioSkin calf sleeves are made with fabrics that are breathable, thin, light, strong, hypoallergenic, and conform naturally to the body. We use flatlock stitching to minimize the extra pressure over the seams and we have contoured the cut to fit the shape of the leg.