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OA Spiral™ OA Spiral™ OA Spiral™ OA Spiral™ OA Spiral™ OA Spiral™
OA Spiral™

OA Spiral™

Unloader Knee Brace
The OA Spiral is a lightweight, low-profile, knee brace for people with uni-compartmental osteoarthritis who wish to remain active. Simple, wrap-around design is easy to fit and apply. Hypoallergenic, breathable materials keep patients cool and comfortable for all-day use.

The OA Spiral is best for patients who:
- Have mild to moderate unicompartmental osteoarthritis in the knee
- Have limited dexterity or flexibility but seek an active lifestyle
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The OA Spiral is a cost-effective option for patients with osteoarthritis who are seeking a simple, non-invasive solution for their knee pain. The OA Spiral uses a single, helical strap that anchors to the medial calf and thigh to apply a corrective, valgus (or varus) force to pull the knee out of varus (or valgus) as the leg moves into extension.
The lightweight hinge and thin, breathable materials yield a product that is comfortable and easy to wear, even under clothing. The strap and buckle design makes donning and doffing easy for patients who struggle with dexterity.
The OA Spiral is also designed for longevity with easily replaceable Velcro panels so the patient can get years of use from the same brace.

How it works

The OA Spiral relieves pain from medial compartment OA by applying a valgus moment on the lateral side of the knee. This is done with the helical strap that wraps from the medial aspect of the gastroc, across the back of the calf to the knee, then around the quads to attach to the inside of the thigh. With the leg bent, the strap is relaxed, but as you push into full extension, the distance between the ends of strap increases, the helix tightens, and the strap exerts a valgus force on the outside of the knee. This valgus moment on the lateral knee, pulling from two points, proximal and distal, becomes a leverage point and increases the joint space in the medial compartment.

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